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    Thanks so much my sweetheart, i loved your lovely prayers and words, you're so sweet and warm too, and i wish you never be sad or feel empty and alone, i'm so sorry that i forgot that you finished high school, which faculty are you in hon? which field???
    i'm graduated from faculty of commerce, it's not what i dreamt of anyway!!!
    i hope you achieve all your dreams, and you have to work hard for it, so that you can start the career you're wishing for!
    why aren't you on the new board???? i would love to have you there too! and you have to come and share us the good Joshie times! :D
    miss you so much hon, hope you have a good time, grobie hugs to you :)

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    Reply from Anita88:
    Hello my darling:*How are you doing?Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful message.How do you feel?Oh,I am studying italian filology,I have been studying tourism..and musicology eatlier...but I had problems with these was complicated,tourism with economy was definately not for me.and musicology..I loved it...but it was too hard..and crazy..:( now I am studying italian..but I am not so happy with these studies,I really wish I could study something connected wih music,but it's not easy here..:( You studied commerc,is it connected with economics?? As for new board,I am there,jg27 ,but I really prefer more yuku,this new board is strange...i can;'t change settings's crazy.,but I promise,I will apear there more often. How are you doing nowadays my dear? has been so cold cold -10C...and how is it there now?misss you so much my dear,hope to hear you soon,love forever,kissessssss,grobie hugs,yours Anita:)